If your master bathroom is your personal space–a sanctuary from the rest of the world–then your kitchen is communal.  A place you’re happy to share and show off. 

I’m sure you can remember your childhood kitchen.  The cracks and crevices, the walls, the paint, and the furnishings.  Every inch of it.  The fridge, the stove, the pots, the pans and the dishes.  Not to mention the sink where you had to wash those dishes.  But most of all you remember the memories.  The meals.  The family.  The food.  The time spent together.

At SJS Contractors services, we take pride in doing the very best kitchen remodels and Kitchen redesign projects for our South Florida clients.  Our intention is to help you recreate these feelings.  Build a beautiful, fully equipped kitchen for your home, but with the design and look that makes it your own.  A beautiful centerpiece to share with your friends, family and guests.  A place where you can recreate those memories.  Most importantly, make your own memories.

By working with us, we can help make sure your kitchen redesign or remodel fits the image that is rattling around in your brain.  I’m happy to say, to make this possible, and to meet the wide ranging demands of our clients, we offer an incredible assortment of options and boast over 50 years of expertise to help guide you through the design and implementation process.

We have over 40 cabinet door selections for starters.  Both natural and man-made stone counter top selections to add a touch of boldness to your kitchen.  Dozens of classic and modern sinks to fit any style and design choices you choose for your kitchen.  Intricate, and most importantly, functional cabinet hardware and inner cabinet systems to organize your kitchen clutter (store all your gadgets.)  Many striking (or more reserved) designer backsplash options to bring your kitchen to life.

SJS contractor solutions would love to help you plan out and execute your kitchen remodel or kitchen redesign today.  We have years of experience helping clients with kitchen remodels up and down South Florida…now let us help you